The Seres Brand

SERES——A Chinese electric vehicle brand jointly established by Dongfeng and Jinkang.

Integrating the respective advantages of Dongfeng and Jinkang to enhance market competitiveness, focusing on the field of new energy electric vehicles, we are committed to building a leading brand in the electric vehicle field in China with the mission of “promoting the transformation of automobile energy and creating smart mobile life”.

As early as 2016, the global R&D center was established in Silicon Valley of the United States. In the past four years, SERES has set up R&D base in the global multinational layout, having made many achievements, such as the world’s leading battery management system, advanced thermal management and multiple battery protection and so on, with several leading technologies in the field such as the four-motor-driving platform, electric drive core technology, vehicle-based range extender platform.

At present, there are more than 1000 China/USA technical patents SERES is applying for or has obtained. SERES has realized the dual layout of new energy electric vehicle manufacturing both in China and the United States, creating the industry 4.0 standard smart factories, manufacturing new electric vehicle products for customers.

Intelligent Manufactoring Layout Of Complete Vehicles